Thursday, 9 October 2008

Blue and White

I have this thing about Blue and White
I love it!
Actually some of my 'whites' are more on the cream side...
... and who doesn't love cream?!
Here are just a few from around my house:
mixing bowls
Jugs on the kitchen dresser
I call this little masterpiece
"Scones on Blue Willow"
oh, no cream!!
my favourite chair
- such pretty Toile fabric -
I loved 'doing up' this old chair.
I have a bit of a thing for chairs too, in fact it borders on an addiction!!! Lol
- will show you sometime soon.
blue door knob and string of hearts

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

New skirts for Tali and a Blossie Bag to match

New skirts for Tali
pretty blues...
mmmm ric-rac!
Tali loves ric-rac too.
She has some in her stash - she'd better keep a close eye on it though,
'cos Mum's addicted.

pretty pinks

and a bloom's Blossie Bag - just because it matches her skirts!
How many bags can one 8yr old need?
Apparently, Never enough!!!
this is the view from my back deck...

and from my front door...

Four doors up the road and you're in the country!

Four minutes down the road and you're at the beach!!

Aaaah, love it!

Far too long... and shabby little loo!

Well, its been far too long between posts. I just get so caught up reading about what everyone else has been doing, and so over-awed by how talented you all are, that I just don't seem to get around to posting - slack I know, but there you have it - I'm SLACK!
Life has been mad, sad, good, bad, up, down, fun, boring, sleep deprvied... I could go on, but you get the picture... life has been... normal!
Have stitched very little, have sewn quite a bit, have aquired a few yummy things, and met some GREAT people at the Quilted Crow Gathering!
One of the things I've been working on lately: My Shabby Little Loo

and these...

new curtains for the loo

toilet spray cover
and cute Tilda style heart from my favourite book
The pretty rose fabric, used in all the above projects, is actually some cotton teatowels I picked up at Kmart for 50cents each - gotta love a bargain! Wish I'd got a few more :-(
Ribbon and ric-rac is from my stash (is it possible to have too much ric-rac? I think NOT!), lace from years ago!

Bought these yummy fabrics on the weekend.

The top 3 came from Cranberry Craft in Ulverstone, the bottom 4 from Wells' in Latrobe.

Mmmmm... ...fabric!

Found a nice new blog too. Pop on by and say "Hi" to Chris @