Thursday, 9 October 2008

Blue and White

I have this thing about Blue and White
I love it!
Actually some of my 'whites' are more on the cream side...
... and who doesn't love cream?!
Here are just a few from around my house:
mixing bowls
Jugs on the kitchen dresser
I call this little masterpiece
"Scones on Blue Willow"
oh, no cream!!
my favourite chair
- such pretty Toile fabric -
I loved 'doing up' this old chair.
I have a bit of a thing for chairs too, in fact it borders on an addiction!!! Lol
- will show you sometime soon.
blue door knob and string of hearts

4 lovely visitors said:

Chris@Shoestring Chateau said...

I love the paint effect on your chair and the toile is a particularly pretty one with the birds on it.I have just ordered a book on decorating in blue and white I'll post some photos when it arrives.

Leanne said...

Hi Kathy
I love your blue and white theme, I especially like your chair, you did a great job of fixing it up.
I love to display my crockery to, its makes the kitchen more country don't you think.

Talk to you soon


Sarah said...

Oh gosh Kathy you are such a creative girl and of course in such a lovely place...

Look forward to seeing you soon in Ross. I have been so slako with the baubles. I have done everything just need to stitch them together - this takes TIME and patience and that I dont have...

trashalou said...

The blue and white (cream) is undeniably pretty but it is the jugs that caught my eye. I have a thing for jugs. And crockery. And yarn. And fabric. And paints. And paper........ ;-)