Monday, 10 November 2008


I've decided that I'm really slack when it comes to this blogging thing - I love it and all, I'm just really, really bad at posting!
Another month has gone by and...
...nothing, absolutely nothing to show for it.
Its not like I've been sitting at home twiddling my thumbs or anything.
I've been busy - just with other things.
My boys are in Emusicians, a Burnie based Inter-Primary School Concert Band which is celebrating its 25th year, so during the last week in Oct we toured the Hobart area for a week, which was GREAT, but very tiring.
Micah playing his Clarinet at a combined Emu's/Grade 5/6 Southern Schools Concert Band Rehearsal
(approx 120 kids in this room - all sounding amazing)
Jesse playing his Euphonium at the same rehearsal
(shocking photo I Know, but I didn't dare leave him out).
We had a great time away and it wasn't all work. We also visited the Aquatics Centre, Zoo Doo, Richmond Gaol (and the lollyshop) and Putt Putt Golf
We met this dear little lady at ZOO DOO just outside Richmond.
and this gorgeous guy, popped his head into the safari bus to say "G'day"
and this, not so little, girl was just delightful.
I'm still trying to recover, having FMS (Chronic Fatigue type thing) sure slows down the recovery period!! It was soooo worth it though - the Emu's kids are AMAZING!!!
We came home to Birthday Parties, Sports Carnivals, a Junior Sports Award Dinner, Basketball Games, a Basketball Tournament, Band Rehearsals (another band!), a Band Concert and all the other general madness of life!
Think I need to go for a lie down now - exhausted just thinking about it. But no time for that - off to pick up the boys for Emu's rehearsal!
Will post something crafty next time - I Promise!!! :-)

3 lovely visitors said:

Isabella said...

I went to Richmond last Thursday while at Hobart got caught in the thunder storm so missed the Zoo the teddy bear shop was shut the lace shop was open took most of my cash lollie shop finished it lol

Christine said...

Glad you had a good time. It was nice having Tali to stay. She's so hard to look after - NOT!

disa said...