Saturday, 29 November 2008

Birthday's, Ross and Bargains

VERY LONG, PHOTO HEAVY POST (making up for being so slack!!)
One of Tali's friends received this Pencil Roll and Journal Cover for her birthday last friday.
It was alot of fun to make - and really easy considering I didn't have a pattern.
Just a case of getting the measurement right.
It was also my first attempt at 'proper' binding.
Now I can't work out why I ever thought it was difficult!!
Mikayla was very happy with her gift :-)
That's always a plus!!
Last Saturday we had our first (hopefully of many) Tassie Quilting Bloggers & Friends Day
in the stables at the Ross Village Bakery.
Sarah and Jo did a fantastic job organising the day and preparing the room for our arrival.
Thanks so much girls - your hard work is much appreciated!!! ;-)

Here's Leanne trying to avoid having her piccy taken (Sorry Leanne! lol) We each received this gorgeous little package

and inside ...

... jelly babies and pretty floss. Mmmmmm! Thanks to the generosity of The Quilted Crow and Helen Stebbings we ALL received a lucky door prize too!


Mine: Boobie Button and Gorgeous 'Festive Roses' Pattern by Helen and Paypaya Soap

And for the Secret Santa Sway I received these two pretty fat 1/8's in Pinks.
Rather yummy huh!

Miss Tali, my 8 yr old joined us for the day and had the time of her life. She did a little bit of stitching (a little more than this piccy shows)

She was very excited by the Secret Santa Swap and the Lucky door Prizes and announced loudly, "Oooo, this is Great - I'm coming again." lol

She scored very nicely: Pretty Fabrics from the Quilted Crow, one of Helen's Boobie Buttons and a Bobkin for threading ribbons/elastic etc... ...and for her Secret Santa - pretty blue fabric with the roses.

It was a wonderful day! Great to catch up with other bloggers and meet her people. Isabella travelled down with us and when I got home I discovered this in my boot:

Isabella had mentioned to me in a email (after seeing my addiction for jugs in a previous post) that she had a jug I might like - she was right! Its very 'at home' on my dresser.
Thanks Isabella! And lastly...
...Yesterday's Bargains from our local Vinnies store.
Gorgeous Woolen dressing Gown $5

Not sure yet if I'll felt it or keep it as a Shepherd Costume.

and these reels of cotton (most of its polyester actually, but as I sew clothing too that's okay... ...and what doesn't get used will look great in my large glass jars - if it fits!).

$13 for 79 Reels!!!!

That's 16 cents each!

4 lovely visitors said:

Isabella said...

Love your pencil folder, what op shop do you go to? I never see anything worth getting LOL

Roseanne said...

Yes we all had a good day at Ross. Love your jug that Isabella gave you. My mum has got a lot of jugs to she collects them as well ..

Stina said...

Oh my gosh what a day you had at Ross!! A day to remember... :o)

Christine said...

Makayla's present looks great. You did a good job with the binding.
Very nice jug. Isabella was generous.
Looking forward to the next bloggers day.
Can't believe you got all those threads so cheaply!