Sunday, 14 December 2008

Teachers Gifts/Bag Lady

I think I'm turning into a bag lady!
These bags are what I decided on for Teachers gifts this year, fortunately the kids class teachers are all women (and fabulous teachers) - not sure that this pattern would've gone down too well with a fella! Maybe I'll have to find - or make - a pattern for a MANbag!
I had the kids take notice of the colours their teachers most often wear to school and ended up with the following combinations:
For Jesse's teacher... For Tali's teacher... For Micah's teacher... It was REALLY hard to give them away. I wanted them all!!! They were really well received though, so it was worth it. The pattern is dead easy and comes together quickly (unless you're still finishing one at 2:30am and you stitch the exterior and the lining together the wrong way round... ...and even though you have this bizzare feeling that you're stuffed it up, you stitch it a second time to re-inforce it and THEN the penny really drops, you utter a few mild expletives to the world - who's asleep and can't hear you anyway - and sit up in bed, watching some trash on the tv and begin the painful process of reverse sewing. Aaargh. Boo boo's suck! lol) The pattern can be found here: I love this pattern so much I'm making more bags - and I'm keeping AT LEAST one!

3 lovely visitors said:

Stina said...

Love your bags... you have done a fantastic job on them! Thanks for the link!!!!

Christine said...

Your bags are fantastic and I know the teachers all loved them.

Chookyblue...... said...

you have some beautiful bags........thanks for visiting my blog.........