Saturday, 13 December 2008

Treasure Hunting

Christine and I went treasure hunting recently.
I found some nice goodies. I love Op shops!
I almost always find a little something to add to my collection of treasures.
Some are seemingly unattractive on their own but they seem to work together.
From the Devonport Emporium:
Pressed Tin from shoestringchateau's store...
Small pink polka-dotted dish...
What an amazing place the Emporium is is!
I'll be going back!! :-)
I also found 2 lovely plates that the kids are going to give me for Christmas - so I'm not allowed to show you yet. lol (at least when you choose your own pressie you know you're gonna like it!)
Oh. I also found a gorgeous basket that I've forgotten to take a piccy of.
From the Devonport City Mission Store:
Well loved ramekin that I've decided makes a rather nice candle holder...
Pretty Tablecloth...

Vinegar/oil jars...

and Bag from Vinnies. These fat 1/4's are from Wells' in Latrobe.

Milo came to check out what was going on

and ended up INSIDE the old BBQ!

What a wally! lol

1 lovely visitors said:

Christine said...

Love all your 'new' stuff, especially the tin bucket. When are we going again? Milo looks very cute in the BBQ.