Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Another Bargains and Sorting Ric-Rac

Christine and I went to the Penguin Market recently and picked up a couple of bargains. I found some great old buttons (sorry - no pic) and this sweet little child sized ironing board. I'm not sure yet if I'll leave it as it is or 'Shabby' it up.
I have a bit of a weakness for Ric-rac and ribbons and have been re-arranging my stash so I can see it all at once - Mmmm. The Ferrero Rocher boxes I got for christmas have come in handy for this.
Looking for something a little quirky or different, then SPOIL ME GIFTS in Burnie is the place to go. Its my new favourite gift shop! I'm addicted.
Found these delightful tin pears on my last visit there. They'll look great on my Easter Tree!!!

3 lovely visitors said:

Fiona said...

I love your finds. I would love to go to the Penguin market, I must make the time - I have never been. I love finding treasures like your recent finds. Congrats. Your ribbon and ric rac look great also.


Christine said...

Hey ... your ribbons and ric-rac look great. I'm coming up for a look tomorrow. And I love your pears ... when are we going to Burnie again?

Found a very nice free BOM tonight at Bunny Hill designs ... there's a link in my sidebar. Think I might do it.

Kathie said...

Love these tin pears, just beautiful.
the childs ironing board is adorable
I would use it in my sewing room to lay my strips on when I am cutting and sewing!!!!
Lucky find!