Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Tragically Practical Sewing

Forgot to say in the last post... ...there is lots of sewing activity going on here at the moment. Its just all so tragically practical and what I'd probably consider rather non-blog-worthy.

Olive Green Suede - a Spotlight bargain at $4 metre

Large Print Floral on Blue Background - a fantastic $1 per metre!!

Have almost finished a slip cover for the 'seen better days, but still the most comfy' couch, using the boring Green Suede (will be a good base for adding colour with quilts though) and preparing to make new cushion covers for some pre-loved (and soon to be shabbied) timber framed lounge chairs, using the Floral.
Oh, and soon there will be some new Austrian Blinds for Christine's sewing room and spare bedroom using this fabric - also a Spotlight bargain at $2.50 a metre!
Don't get too excited Christine - soon does NOT mean tomorrow :-)

(terrible photo - but you get the idea)

3 lovely visitors said:

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy new year!

Happy blogoversary!

Christine said...

There's no doubt about it ... if there's a bargain to be found you will sniff it out! Love the fabrics we chose.
Your couch cover looks good. Looking forward to my new blinds.

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh my boys need new roman blinds for their room.... busy???? LOL