Thursday, 15 January 2009

I miss this man!

My Pop was a gorgeous man!
He was gentle, kind, super intellingent,
witty - often without meaning to be and loving.
Today would've been his 92nd birthday.
There are alot of special things in my house that remind me of him, but his hat and his Gladstone Bag are my favourites. He never went anywhere without them. :-)
P.S I'm announcing my giveaway winner tomorrow morning

7 lovely visitors said:

Elin "The quilt maiden" said...

Yes, Kathy, I can understand you feelings. My father would have been almost the same age, I was born on his birthday, he was a gorgeous man too, and he passed away one and a half years ago. And I miss him! We are lucky to have good memories!

Jo in TAS said...

HOw lucky are you to have such beautiful momentos. I had a Pop too and I miss him so much, he died when I was little but I still remember his smell and his dark rimmed glasses and hat he wore.

Kerri said...

Pops are the best. I was close to both of mine and now both gone. Memories are precious and now one can take them away. Happy birthday Pop.

Christine said...

I miss him, too. He was what I call a true gentleman. (And he liked my cooking!)

Fiona said...

Hi Kathy, I know what you mean about your Pop. My Pop was a very special person to me to, he passed away 5 years ago at Easter. It is great to have memories of our lost ones even though sometimes it can be painful to remember. X

Simone de Klerk said...

What a wonderful way to remember your father. I am lucky to still have mine. He is 82 and it is so very very nice to have him with us still! I feel blessed!
Have a wonderful weekend with many good memories! Simone

Lulu said...

Oh that gladstone bag. I haven't seen one for so long, my late dad used one for work for years. Us kids would pinch his biscuits out of his cut lunch all the time, greedy little pigs that we were.