Monday, 19 January 2009

Flamin' blogger... and Cupboard Love etc

Blogger's "Add Image" is driving me NUTS!!!!
Does anyone else have trouble getting their Photos to load??
Its not that they won't load. It just takes so flippin' LONG!
Its a bit like that Pantene Ad. The one where they say,
'it won't happen overnight, but it will happen'.
Its taking up to 5 minutes to load ONE photo. If I try to load 5 images its around 35mins.
(this has become the norm and frankly, I'd rather watch paint dry)
Boo Hoo
Alright, enough sulking... on with the post!
Ooo, speaking of Post. I've just come back from the Post Office. It was such a buzz posting off a little parcel to Virgina US. Yay!
I've been sorting through some sewing room stuff lately and found a few things I'd forgotten about. These fabrics were found in a box that I hadn't even opened since moving almost 3 yrs ago. A basket of newly discovered sweeties
The best kind of 'greens' (actually I like the vegie kind too)
Dear little vintage bunnies
and vintage 'dapple grey'.
(This fabric is a bit like cheescloth -very sweet - not sure what to do with it though)
~ Some treasure's I've picked up over the last few weeks.
Salt Box


More Baskets - Yep, its official, I'm a basket case :-)

Buttons - these caught my eye 'cos they say 'stitches'

and I needed some more for my collection!

8 lovely visitors said:

Anonymous said...

Well, I thought all that downloading image malarky and general pain with posts was all to do with my being so 'geen' at this caper plus being almost computer illiterate.
All made up for at your end by the exciting trip to the post office and the finds in your cupboard and out and about. Buttons are bliss, Debs.

Chookyblue...... said...

I am just going to do a post re emailing your pic to your posting will become a breeze compared to now......

Chookyblue...... said...

Christine said...

Hope you sort the photo problem out soon. How annoying! Chookyblue's post might have some answers.
Anyway, the photos on this post look great ... even if it took all day to do!

Simone de Klerk said...

You've found some gorgeous forgotten stuff! Isn't that just great! I wish I had a box like that somewhere!

Fer said...

I hear you! It takes forever to upload photos but then Blogger compresses them so much they show up a bit fuzzy anyway!

Love the baskets - I'm a real basket junkie!!

Vanessa said...

What a cute display of buttons - I wish I were as neat and organised as you!

Anonymous said...

Yay for more buttons! I'm always collecting buttons.... I'm sure I'll never use them in my life time!!!!! Yours look great all in jars too... mine are in jars but still in a box... SOMEWHERE!!!